Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is iGH3 and the history of its discovery?

iGH3 is a USA counter part of the famed Romanian anti-aging formula , Gerovital H3 or GH3. The original GH3 is administered in injectable form. It has Procaine Hydrocloride (HCL) as its main active ingredient. The formula was discovered in the 1950’s by Dr. Ana Aslan, Director of National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Bucharest, Romania, by accident just as many of the great scientific advances in history. She was credited with proving GH3’s MAO-inhibiting and anti-aging benefits. However, the person credited with the initial development of procaine (known as “Novocain” in America) to replace cocaine as a local anesthetic is a German Biochemist named Albert Einhorn in 1905.

Dr. Aslan conducted numerous clinical studies to test GH3’s effectives as an anti-aging formula for 5 years with research and tests before announcing her findings in 1956. In one of the tests, a two year scientific study, Dr. Aslan along with 200 other physicians noted the following positive affects in the test subjects in regards to: energy, memory, hearing, respiration, joints, blood pressure, cholesterol, pulse, hair, skin, nails, etc ….

After enough tests proved without a doubt that GH3 is effective, her findings were being tested by various countries around the world as evidenced in “GH3, Will it keep you young longer?”, by Herbert Bailey. (See more publications about GH3 under resources headings)

Let us now fast forward to the latest and most improved iGH3 formula by Dr Robert Koch, our USA’s very own organic Biochemist. Our iGH3 has the same potency as the original GH3 injectable formula of Dr. Aslan, but ours is made into a capsule or oral form for easier administration, assimilation and absorption. It is manufactured by using Dr Koch’s patented process to insure that the oral form contains the same potency and factors as Dr. Aslan’s GH3 injectable. Her injectable complex protected 15% of the 100mg of Procaine HCL and it is also the most active compare to the tablets produced in Romania, Germany, UK, and in other countries).

2. How does iGH3-iGH9 work?
The based formula of all our patented products, iGH3-iGH9 use procaine HCL as a source of the ”B” vitamin (para-aminobenzoic acid) and DEAE (diethylaminoethanol), a precursor to the “B” vitamin Choline. Procaine HCL is used because of its unique features of being able to transfer through the damaged membranes of sick or diseased cells. The procaine HCL increases the electrical potential of the plasma along with other cell membrane as well as supplying essential nutriments to initiate repairs. However, procaine HCL does broke down rapidly by enzymes in the blood stream into PABA and DEAE. PABA and DEAE are rapidly conjugated and removed from the blood and excreted through the urine. In other word, it has a half-life of 0.6 of a minute before being destroyed by the enzyme pseudolinesterase in the bloodstream, but when procaine HCL solution is stabilized, it has a half-life of 6 hours (6 times greater active life span in the blood). Even though procaine HCL does produce some benefits by itself, they are very limited on its own. Armed with these knowledge, Dr. Koch invented a complexing process that would protect and stabilized the procaine HCL by giving it enough time to be transfer into the body where it can help the cells, rebuild, repair, and detoxify. It is clear that numerous conditions of aging are caused or accelerated by impairment of circulation, poor kidney function, senility, angina, arthritis, poor skin tone or elasticity, varicose veins, poor lung capacity and other conditions, but these conditions can be improved , normalized and restored with any of our of iGH3-iGH9.
3. What are iGH3- iGH9 made of?

The based formula of all our patented process formulas shared the same active ingredients, Procaine HCL. However, additional ingredients were added into each new formula as Dr. Koch advanced further in his research discovery. Take for example our iGH7. Its list of ingredients are Procaine HCL, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Niacin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Potassium, and Magnesium.  As the result of years of anti-aging research on the original GH3 injectable by Dr. Aslan, Dr. Koch was able to create/invent a patented process formula for iGH7 into a capsule or oral formula. In iGH7, 100% of the Procaine HCL is complexed and protected with other supplemental/vitaminic ingredients to maximize the utilization of the procaine by the cells in the body, thus making iGH7 more efficient and effective than Dr. Aslan’s GH3 injectable by up to 600%. (Note: For full details on completed list of ingredients on iGH3-iGH9, go to product page and open the ingredient page).

iGH8 have the following additional ingredients added to our general cellular repair (iGH7):

  • OPC(Oligoproanthcyanidins),
  • Gingko Biloba Extract
  • Milk Thistle(Silybum marianum)
  • Artichoke Extract

iGH9 have the following additional ingredients added to our  iGH7 with:

  • Acetyl L Carnitine
  • Co  Q10
  • Lycopene complex
4. Are the ingredients in iGH3- iGH9 natural?

Yes. Para amino benzoic acid (PABA) and diethyl amino ethanol (DEAE) are substances which occur naturally in the cells. Procaine HCL takes these two natural ingredients and combines them with weak “covalent” bonds so that they can enter the cells in order to rebuild, repair, and detoxify more easily.  Please note that the effect would not be the same if one were to just take PABA and DEAE separately because they would not be able to cellularly enter the cells effectively in its stand-alone form.  The genius of Dr. Koch’s patented process for iGH3-iGH9 allow for all his added compounds to act as protective ingredients that ride piggy-back on the procaine molecules into the cells so that it can do the overall job for the benefit of cell life extension. Dr Koch’s patented process formula iGH3-iGH9 are the latest, most advanced and most potent form of stabilized Procaine HCL that you can choose to benefit and extend the regenerative anti-aging effects today.

5. What do you classified iGH3-iGH9 products as?

They are not classified as a drug because it is a complexed vitamin C compound composing of two B vitamins. However, these vitamins behave differently than other vitamins because of how it is process so it cannot replace other vitamins. The main active ingredients in all of Dr. Koch’s patented process formula is Procaine HCL.  Chemically, procaine is compounded of two natural substances, PABA and DEAE, both in the body. All the additional added natural ingredients help provide the wonderful benefits of the procaine HCL with additional nutrients because these extra natural substances ride piggy-back into the cells with the procaine molecules.

6. Can you be allergic to Procaine HCL?

The Romania researchers indicate that 1 person in 7000 can have allergic reaction. The allergy is not severe, usually you feel a prickling sensation of the skin and/or rash.  If such reaction is felt, you can choose to discontinue or take a lower dosage and work your way back up. If one is willing to tolerate the allergic reaction till their body can get use to it, the benefit can more then out weight the initial discomfort from the allergic effect.

6a. What are the negative reaction that one can feel when taking iGH3-iGh9?

According to Dr. Koch’s understanding, the more severe the individual’s health condition (more toxicity in the body), the stronger the healing reaction that would result from the flushing of the toxins out from the cells.  The products are absorbed into the system in 15-20 minutes. Some of the uncomfortable feelings one may initially experience varies. While one person may experience a temporary reduction in energy, others might sleep longer than normal (as much as 12 hours nightly).  It is also not uncommon for some to experience ache and pain in various part of the body, digestive system disturbances such as gas, constipation, or diarrhea as well as other minor complaints such as mild headache and slight feeling of nausea that could last from a few days or so. Once your body “adjust” to the new input and in particular being detoxified by the potent antioxidant element of iGH3-iGH9, you will feel all the positive regenerative effects that resulted from your cellular repair formulas.

7. Is iGH3 - iGH9 ‘s active ingredient safe?

They are stabilized procaine HCL researches dating back  to Dr. Aslan’s involvement from the late 1940’s.  Since then, there are researches and clinical tests  that show it had help people with the following problems:  Arthritis, Allergies, Arteriosclesis, Angina Pectoris, Age spots, Acne, Diatetics, Impotency, Hair Loss (balding), graying hair, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, High /low blood pressure, Hypertension, Muscular Fatique, memory, Depression, Parkinson’s Disease, PMS, Poor eyesight and circulation, Elcers, Lupus, Rheumatism, Stress, Osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Varicose Veins, Senility, Wrinkles, and Poor hearing.

Dr. Ana Aslan’s GH3 have all been thoroughly tested more than probably any other product designed for use in the human body.  In all of its years of clinical investigation and scientific testing, and use by tens of millions of people since, it shows no harmful side effects.  Furthermore, they do not interact with any medications. In contrast, traditional drug therapy has a built-in danger of mixing the wrong products.

8. Is it possible to overdose on iGH3- iGH9?

As with all supplemental nutrients/vitmaninic, suggested usage should be follow as a base guideline. However, in order to help users understand  iGH3-iGH9’s consumption parameters better, we can share with you Dr. Bernard Wagner of Columbia University’s research and test. Dr. Wagner conducted animal studies on GH3 in which he gave experimental rats 60 times the equivalent in human dose of Gerovital (GH3) for 3 months. He determined that there is no buildup of GH3 in the cells. He and most researchers agree that GH3 acts on sites in the body in a gentle way which does not damage them. Bear in mind also that when products are “natural”, that is to say its active ingredients are natural to the body,  the immune system provided by the body will eliminate unrequired excess quantities. With an “unnatural” ingredient (many drugs for instance) the body has no defense against them, and may well suffer damage and even death.

It is also not uncommon for suicidal patients to intentionally overdose on their conventional medication (usually an anti-depressant). The very substance which is supposed to save their lives can thus do the opposite. As an anti-depressant, Dr. Koch’s patented products, iGH3-iGH9 can relieve the doctor of this burden while still doing an effective job at ending the depressive cycle.

9. In what ways have iGH3- iGH9 been shown to be effective?

Since 100% of the key active ingredient, Procaine HCl, is complexed in such a unique way so that it would remain in our system for up to 8 hours, any iGH3-iGH9 products are all effective, especially so with the additional added nutriments being complexed to ride piggy-back on the procaine molecules. The collective benefits resulted in the procaine HCL lasting longer and being able to optimize and life extend the healthy cells as well as repair, renovate, and rejuvenate the sick and damaged cells that cannot normally assimilate the much needed raw materials  in order to function properly. The overall regenerative effects can be seen in conditions of arthritis, depression, angina, parkinson’s disease, skin problems, high or low blood pressure, poor lung capacity, ulcers, thinning and fading of hair, poor memory and eyesight, senility, psychotic symptoms, impotence and proneness to general illness.

In addition, iGH3-iGH9 products may be use to purge mild toxins that accumulate in the body from food and water consumption over time.

10. How can iGH3-iGH9 improve so many unrelated conditions?

Medical treatments in America for the most part are designed to act specifically in the body.  iGH3- iGH9’s based active compound, stabilized procaine HCL on the other hand works on a cellular level.  Therefore it tends to improve many aspects of your foundation of health by repairing, renovating, and rejuvenating your damaged or sick cells.

As explained previously, the pharmacologic action of the main active ingredient in iGH3-iGH9 is not wholly understood, however, the observed results over the past 60 plus years, from extensive use by millions of people worldwide, shows that stabilized Procaine HCL does the following.


  1. Improves the homeostasis of body; balance of the diverse systems of the body is enhanced,
  2. Gently dilates and cleanses the blood vessels, thus improving circulation to all parts of the body. This may account for the observed rejuvenating effects upon the skin and hair, as well as the overall improved function.
  3. Normalization of monoamine oxidase (MAO) level. The natural buildup of MAO after age 40 leads to lower energy and sometimes depression. iGH3-IGH9 can act as a mild to medium, reversible MAO inhibitor. So it is extremely safe to use since it allows for necessary MAO to perform when needed by the brain or liver.
  4. iGH3-iGH9 can act as a cortisol-inhibitor, by preventing excess cortisol rom causing cellular damage that normally lead to the aging symptoms. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced when we are under stress.
11. Can young people take iGH3-iGH9?

On the basis of over 60 years of collective research, we can safely assume that stabilized Procaine HCL formula won’t hurt people who take it; at the same time it may do a tremendous amount of good instead. Since iGH3-iGH9’s based formula helps to generate the body at the cellular level, it should work well with adults of all ages. So if you are adults in your 20’s 30’s, 40’s, you will notice an enhanced sense of being along with positive outlook.  The most dramatic improvements will generally be experienced by adults in their 50’s onward because drastic cells breakdown begin in your 40’s. The more dramatic the aging symptoms, the more one will feel the therapeutic and regenerative benefits from the products.

12. Will iGH3- iGH9 cure health problems?

We don’t use the term “cure” because the conditions improved by iGH3-iGH9 products will only continue as long as one continues to use the product. When one ceases to use product, the body appears to go back slowly to its original condition. According to Dr. Aslan, the real benefit of the stabilized Procaine formula is that it can be used to prevent the advance of conditions which normally grow worse with aging.

13. Will iGH3- iGH9 make me live longer?

The most impressive studies on increased life span were conducted by Prof. Berger in France, and by Richard Hothschild, PhD of Corona del Mar. They conducted rat and mice studies which showed that animals treated with Dr Aslan’s original GH3 injectable may live up to 30% longer than animals in the control groups. And according to Dr. Aslan, her research reported a reduction in mortality rate in her human subjects, although her figures are less specific.

14. How does iGH3 -iGH9 make hair and nails regrow longer?

Again, the pharmacologic action is not clearly understood. It is known that endocrine imbalances and reduced peripheral circulation can lead to the weakening and thinning of hair and that poor nutrition or nutrition which is not adequately communicated to the hair and nail roots may lead to the weakening and thinning of hair.  iGH3-iGH9iGH9 all shared the same based compounds that tend to restore balance in the body, and increases circulation – this could contribute to improvements reported in both hair and nails.

15. Can pregnant women safely take iGH3- iGH9?

Yes. Studies by Dr. Aslan and associates on GH3, and by Dr. Koch on  iGH3 -iGH9 indicates that it does not cross the placental barrier.  Dr.  Aslan consider this fact unfortunate because “ it could only benefit the unborn infant”. However, since it does stimulate the healthy condition of the mother, this in itself will obviously benefit the baby. Benefits to the pregnant woman can thus go uninterrupted. Additionally, pregnant women are not able to take the classical anti-depressants. Therefore, they can turn for depression support safely with iGH3- iGH9.

16. How does one take iGH3- iGH9?

It is preferable to take it on an empty stomach, and then wait at least one hour before eating to be sure it is absorbed. Most individuals take one dosage before breakfast, and another dosage, one hour before the evening meal. Alternatively, you may choose to take a dosage, two hours after each of these meals. For ideal suggested usage on each formula, please refer to your chosen iGH3-iGH9 suggested usage directions on bottles or on under suggested usage.

Please bear in mind that iGh3-iGH9 functions as a cell membrane rebuilder, renovator and rejuvenator, working with the cells, and not with the foods. That is why it works best when taken on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness as compare to other vitamins and minerals.  So if you are those people that have digestive difficulties or poor nutrient absorption, you may fare better with iGH3-iGH9.  

17. Is iGH3- iGH9 legal in the United States?

Yes. The only regulative body of consequence in this area is the FDA, which has tried repeatedly to get control over the original GH3. The FDA has no jurisdiction for two reasons:

Congress empowered the agency to regulate a rapidly expanding drug, food processing and cosmetic market. It only has power over active ingredients, and only over active ingredients which are new (i.e. need to be evaluated). The active ingredient in all our patented formula is procaine HCL and it has been around since 1905, which is much longer than the FDA has been with us.

Secondly, the FDA has no jurisdiction over vitamins; this issue was settled in a series of court cases.  Dr. Aslan’s GH3 and Dr Koch’s iGH3-iGH9 capsule or oral formulas are complexed vitamin C compound since they are composed of two B vitamins. Despite these limits, the FDA had persisted in trying to limit the public’s access to the original GH3 till the early 1990’s. The issue was finally settled in the state of Florida.  In Gannerix vs. the FDA, the courts determined at the local appeals and supreme court levels that the FDA has no jurisdiction over GH3.  Original GH3 along with iGH3-iGH9 formulas all fall under the protection of Dietary supplement Act of 1994.

18. Why has iGH3- iGH9 not been accepted by the U.S. Medical establishment?

We don’t know. However, you can perhaps draw your own conclusions by evaluating the billions of dollars made annually by the medical establishment on curative medicine, and by realizing that the high quality research conducted over the past 60 plus years on Dr. Aslan’s product generally doesn’t appear in American medical journals. Three articles on procaine appeared in 1963 which stated that it is worthless for preventing or curing health problems. However, the researchers involved did not use Dr. Aslan’s product; they instead used unstabilized procaine. A later study (1965) conducted by a Chicago Medical School Institute for Medical Research team concluded that there is a vast difference between unstabilized procaine and Aslan’s formulation and that her formulation proved itself to be as efficacious as claimed. However, this lengthy scientific study was largely ignored.

19. Are there other brands of GH3 available?

There are dozens of different  tablet/capsule products from various parts of the world which claim to be effective as the original GH3 injectable of Dr Aslan.  Some work slightly better than others, but they showed themselves to contain unstabilized procaine which remains in the body only about one hour. This is because these tablets were nothing more than a mixture of powders that made up their GH3s; they didn’t contain the complex GH3 factor that was the effective agent in Dr. Aslan’s original injectable or Dr Koch’s most advanced patented formula, iGH3-iGH9, in capsule or oral formula.  (Take this example: If the company just mix the ingredients together and tablet them or put them in capsules without first forming the procaine complexes, the products will not be valid and as effective. I am going to borrow a recipe about making a chocolate called Truffles. Chocolate Truffles contains 3 tiers of ingredients 1) basic ingredients such as bitter chocolate, heavy whipped cream, butter, vanilla extract 2) optional base flavorings such as mint leaves, amaretto, cinnamon etc…3) truffle coatings such as cocoa powder, walnut pieces, sprinkle candies etc… . If you cook or mix all 3 tiers of ingredients together you do have the correct formula but you only have a gritty, chucky and/or clumpy chocolate paste that is far from what chocolate truffles should look and taste like . However, if you follow the recipe process exactly from the 1st tier to the 3rd tier ingredients, you will have proper sized chocolate truffles shaped with assorted coatings.)  So buyer of GH3 powdered tablet or capsule without patent numbers listed should be cautious!!!  (All of Dr. Koch’s patented formulas have patented numbers listed on bottles ( U.S. Patents 5,162,344, 5,283,258, .5,283,068, 5,254,686 and Foreign patents  AUSTRALIAN Patent 332917, 046241   CANADIAN Patent No. 2,012,021)), ….Or they can order directly from Romania for Dr. Alsan’s  original GH3 injectable formula.

Dr. Koch’s patented process formulas are the latest and most advanced formula in the latest generation of stabilized Procaine HCL to date. Thus far, none has yet been found which compares to iGH3-iGH9, especially since it  improved on Dr. Aslan’s injectable formula by making it about 6 times (600%) more potent…..

20. Can iGH3-iGH9 help with neurological conditions?

The stabilized procaine HCL in our products, iGH3-iGH9 appears to have a particular affinity for nerve tissue repair on many occasions and have achieved such results without side effects.  There are  many recorded cases through various articles about  Dr Aslan’s stablilized procaine HCL that demonstrated the significant benefits with neurological conditions.  (Aslan 1972)

21. Which patented formula,iGH3-iGH9, should I choose?

All of the based ingredient in our patented cellular repair poducts share the same formulas and ingredients. Our iGH7-iGH9 all allow for100% of the active ingredient, Procaine HCL to be  complexed in such a way so that it can remain in our system for up to eight hours as compare to the earlier formulation by Dr Aslan’s that only allow for 15% of the complexed ingredients to remain  in our system for up to eight hours.

As to which formula you should choose depends on your specific needs. If you are going to stack (mix) your chosen formula with other vitamins or minerals as a combo dosage, I would suggest you select iGH7 especially if you are just doing so for maintenance purposes.  If you are considerably bigger then average in sizes and weight,  and you are doing so for the same reason as previously discussed, you may want to choose iGH7 Plus instead because this formula offer the same general cellular repair as iGH7 but each capsule of iGH7 Plus has double the amount of all the ingredients.

So if you feel that you could benefit most from the extra added super anti-oxidants such as: OPC (Grape Seed Exract), Ginkgo Biloba, Milk Thistle and Artichoke extract, select iGH8. This formula was complexed to help enhance and give extra support to your liver.  (Note: See product info for details on individual super anti-oxidant benefits)

For those looking for that extra cardiovascular support, you can select iGH9. iGH9 was formulated with the following three extra super anti-oxidants such as: Acetyl L carnitine, CoQ-10 an Lycopene.  (See product info for details on individual super anti-oxidant benefit).

You can selected any of iGH3, iGH7, iGH7 Plus, iGH8, or iGH9 to take as a stand-alone cellular repair, renovator, and rejuvenator or use it as a based combo along with your other selected choices such as iVision, 5 HTP complete, and/or  iVitamind for added benefits to your overall foundation of health.

22. There are GH3 in health food stores in Dr. Aslan’s packaging … is it real?

No. The Romanian government does not export their product for general sale. A few clinics in various countries claim to have contracts with the Romanian government to receive directly. Even if this is true, a user would need to pay his way into the clinics. Product found in health food stores in America, no matter what the label or the store owner tells you, is invariably from Mexico.  However, you can opt for any of our iGH3-iGH9’s patented formula in capsule or oral form instead as it is the most advanced and manufactured here in the USA.